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Appraiser Participant


Thank you for your interest regarding participation. Enclosed:

  • Application Form (2 pages)
  • Service Center Locations
  • Other information

As a California licensed Real Estate Appraiser, you may become an MLS Appraiser Participant.

After becoming an Appraiser Participant, you:

  • Have computer access to listing database, public records and property history
  • Have access to other MLS areas through our reciprocal program.
  • Must attend MLS Mandatory training classes.

Make sure these items are included when you mail or fax your application:

  • Application Form completed and signed.
  • Select the primary Service Center for all your Appraisers
  • Copy of your Appraiser License or Certificate.
  • Copy of your California Driver’s License
  • Application fee of $200 and $490 Annual fee or $150 quarterly fee
  • Read the Rules and Regulations and make sure that all Appraisers do the same.

Fees can be charged to Mastercard, Visa, Discover or AMEX by adding charge information at the end of the application. There is a $25 service charge for any returned check or refused charge. If a check is returned or a charge refused, payment must be made by postal money order or certified check.


  • You have 60 days to complete the Mandatory MLS Training course “Intro to Paragon”
  • Visit your Member Portal and register for upcoming classes. Go to – Click “Member Portal” located on the top right – Enter your Paragon credentials.

Service Centers for bridgeMLS Multiple Listing Service are located in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Appraiser Participants select a Service Center for all their Appraisers in an office location.

The Service Centers:

  • Assist with completing MLS application forms.
  • Process applications for MLS Subscribers and Appraiser Participants.
  • Collect fees for MLS Subscriptions, Reciprocal Listings, Staff Loaded Listings and other MLS fees.
  • Provide MLS Starter Kits (Paragon Instructions, Profile Sheets, MLS Rules, etc.) to new MLS Subscribers and Appraiser Participants.
  • Stock copies of bridgeMLS Rules and other MLS information.
  • Accept Reciprocal Listings for Bay Cities MLS (San Francisco City and County), Bay Area Real Estate Information Service (Marin, Napa, Solano, Sonoma), RE Infolink (Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo) and all other Reciprocating MLS’s.
  • Accept Listings to be Staff Loaded.

Return the completed and signed form, a copy of your real estate license, a copy of your California Driver’s License/I.D. Card and any payment required, to the Primary Service Center selected on page 3 of this package.

Service Center Locations


Delta Association of REALTORS®
3428 Hillcrest Ave. Ste. 200
Antioch, CA 94531

P: 925 757-8283
F: 925 757-8393

Oakland/Berkeley Association of REALTORS®
2855 Telegraph Ave. Ste. 600
Berkeley, CA 94705

P: 510 848-4288
F: 510 848-2439

I am a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser under California Law, and I hereby apply for participation inthe multiple listing services of bridgeMLS.

Primary Service Center:
Your Name (as it appears on Real Estate License):
Type of Appraiser License:
Certified Residential
Certified General
Send my MLS bill to my:
Email Address

Please sign here, thereby giving bridgeMLS permission to send important communication regarding the MLS to your email address above. bridgeMLS will never sell or use this email address for any other purpose than to send important communication directly to you.


Do you belong to an Association of REALTORS®?

  • No Refund: I understand that if this application is canceled or withdrawn I will not be entitled to a refund.
  • I understand I am required to submit a copy of my real estate license as a condition of subscribership.
Service Center Use Only

I understand that Appraiser Participants who are not members of an Association of REALTORS® are not entitled to use the term REALTOR®, non-member Appraiser Participants pay the same MLS fees and costs as are paid by Appraiser Participants (REALTOR® members and non-REALTOR® members) and must abide by the Rules and Regulations of bridgeMLS as adopted or amended from time-to-time. This includes the participation in a hearing due to violations of the bridgeMLS Rules and also the duty to arbitrate business disputes with other Appraiser Participants. Non-member Appraiser Participants are not entitled to vote; to serve as an officer or director; or on any committee; to receive discounts on any REALTOR® Association services that are not part of bridgeMLS or to participate in or have a voice in the administration of bridgeMLS.

13.I acknowledge that by participating in bridgeMLS, I am obligated to arbitrate disputes submitted by other MLS Appraiser Participants and Subscribers and agree to abide by the decision.


a.I hereby agree for myself and the company for which I act, to settle all disputes with any member of the bridgeMLS through binding arbitration conducted by any member of the California Association of REALTORS® in accordance with its rules and regulations or any client covered by the bridgeMLS Rules.

b.Further, I agree to settle all disputes with any other MLS Appraiser Participant of the bridgeMLS or any other MLS Subscriber of the bridgeMLS, or any other MLS Appraiser Participant or MLS Subscriber of a MLS which shares a common database with the bridgeMLS through a Regional or Reciprocal Agreement, through binding arbitration to be conducted in accordance with the bridgeMLS Rules.


I authorize bridgeMLS or its representatives to verify any information in this application including contacting any MLS, the DRE, or current or past Appraiser or business associates. I further authorize any MLS in which I have been a member or MLS Appraiser Participant or MLS Subscriber to release all membership and disciplinary records to the bridgeMLS. I further authorize the bridgeMLS to use this information in determining future disciplinary sanctions. I waive any cause of action including, but not limited to, slander, libel, or defamation of character resulting from such verification, evaluation or other processing of this application or use of the information gathered by bridgeMLS, California Association of REALTORS®, National Association or REALTORS®, their Appraisers, employees, committees or members.

16. By becoming and remaining an MLS Appraiser Participant, I agree to abide by the Constitution, Bylaws, Code of Ethics and any other rule as from time to time amended of the National Association of REALTORS® , California Association of REALTORS® , and bridgeMLS.

17.I understand and agree that by becoming and remaining a MLS Appraiser Participant or MLS Subscriber to the bridgeMLS, I agree to abide by the bridgeMLS Rules, as from time to time amended, including but not limited to the following:

  • a.I agree not to use the bridgeMLS data for any purpose other than to market property or support market valuations or appraisals as specifically set forth in the rules.
  • b.I agree not to reproduce any portion of the active listings unless specifically authorized under the rules.
  • c.I agree not to download bridgeMLS data except as provided in the bridgeMLS Rules.
  • d.I agree not to allow anyone other bridgeMLS authorized Appraiser Participants, their subscribers and the clerical users as defined in the bridgeMLS Rules to access any computer receiving bridgeMLS information. I agree not to transmit the information to any Appraiser Participants, subscribers and clerical users not authorized to access the system by the rules. I agree not to use the bridgeMLS to create another product except as may be used by the Appraiser Participant who downloaded the data in compliance with the MLS Rules.
  • e.I agree I will not give or sell my password to any person nor make it available to any person. I further understand that the California Penal Code and the United States Code prohibits unauthorized access to computer databases. I agree not to allow such unauthorized access by use of either any of my equipment or pass codes.
  • f.I understand that the clerical users I have registered may be authorized to have limited access to the bridgeMLS for clerical support only. I understand that clerical users are not allowed to use the information in any way other than to provide such information to me. Persons performing any activities that require a real estate license are not eligible for this clerical user’s classification. I further understand that any violation by a clerical user employed by me, under contract with me or used by me is my responsibility and can result in discipline to me and ultimate termination of MLS Services to me.

18.I understand and agree that the above statements are in addition to the bridgeMLS Rules, to which I have also agreed. Violation of any bridgeMLS Rule may result in discipline, fine and ultimate termination of the service. In addition to that, my actions may cause damage to the bridgeMLS and the bridgeMLS may pursue its legal remedies against me to recover such damages.

19.I am enclosing with his application my application fees and required annual fees and agree to pay such fees as they may change from time-to-time so long as I am an Appraiser Participant or subscriber to bridgeMLS. Fees are to be paid on an annual basis. If not paid by the due date each licensee is subject to late fees as well as reinstatement fee. Failure to pay dues will result in the TERMINATION of subscription.

I certify that the information given in this application is true and correct.
(Applicant for MLS Appraiser Participant)
For Credit Card Payment Only

I authorize bridgeMLS to charge my credit card (below). I understand

1)Should my credit card company “decline” the request for payment, I will be assessed a $25 fee and be contacted to arrange for an alternate form of payment.

2)More than one decline will cause bridgeMLS to cancel this authorization.

Master Card

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